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This man, Philippe Petit, is one of my heroes. His high wire performance between the World Trade Center Towers and the film/story of this performance powerfully and elegantly commented on the absurdity of financial world domination. Instead of using murder, hate, delusion, destruction, and terror, he performed with intelligence, skill, humor, and bravery. He wasn’t paid... the thanks he got was being arrested after his triumph.


Here he is... up in the air... between the two towers... with only a wire under him... giving everything he has...and it reminds me of all that we are dreaming of, fighting for, and how little we have beneath our feet when it comes to standing up for our planet, our freedom, Art, culture, equality, diversity... or to put it simply... love.


This is what I meant when I wrote the line in my song "Walking Trees," and I think of it as we come closer to voting against power, greed, lies, and insanity... ”We may not have much/but we have what we need/ to keep walking this world until our lives are freed."